What Makes A Good Day

I used to have reams of bad days. It seemed like they came in a package deal. I was stressed, pushed, and trying to squeeze every bit of purpose out of every second. I think I was going about it all the wrong way.

This week has been good, full of hard work, friends, family, school, and many of the same stresses that used to ruin my days, but I think I have found the secret to having a good day every day.


Knowing that whatever I am faced with that day is in God’s plan, for His glory, for my growth, and for my joy. I am learning that instead of forcing every minute into a schedule and stressing about not getting to every thing on my to-do list, I can relax and enjoy everything around me, work hard and play hard.

Monday, Memorial Day, I was excited to work even though it was a holiday. I was left to myself as the sun rose over the fields and the birds started singing. Have you ever stopped long enough to listen to the first bird call out in the morning? It is like the first violin in an orchestra.

That night we were able to eat on a table dad built a meal I had made out of the food mom had grown (and some I had harvested).

I have been relaxing more, but strangely enough I have improved at work and finished more school more efficiently. I have even had time to pick up some new hobbies. God is so good and I find even more pleasure in  every moment. Instead of wringing it out of the day like you wring out a rag, I am learning to see the beauty, uniqueness, and singularity of each moment and gently coax it out.

Some call it optimism, I think it is practicing contentment.

– W


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