Love and Books

We read to know we are not alone.

One of CS Lewis’ students told him that. In an earlier post I explained how suffering is an important part of our walk with Christ. It is a refining process that brings us intimately to Him, forcing us to rely upon Him.

Lewis took his student’s words and changed them.

“We love to know we are not alone”

Reading is opening your heart to the heart of the author, allowing them to speak to you and come as close to you as possible. A good book takes your mind away, filling your imagination, and investing your emotions and thoughts with the thoughts of the writer. In a book you can be closer to the characters or ideas, understand them and know them. You can know that someone else sees the world the way you see it.

Love breaks down these same barriers, but instead of a small piece of  an author’s heart found in the pages of a book, there is a living breathing human at the other end. This person fills your heart and imagination, twisting your emotions and ideas. Their character is as unique as the characters in books.  Not only can you understand their point of view, but even though they may see the world a little differently, they love the way you see it. It is a security.

Lewis also said, “Why love if losing hurts so much?”

I have wondered this often, even asking myself if there was a way to live only with the one love I know I can not lose, the love of Christ. I know that the love Christ gives me, makes me able to love others like He loves them, but only recently have I been able to understand the answer to Lewis’ question.

I love as Christian, as a sister, as a daughter, as a friend, and someday as a wife,  because each person’s value is found in God’s image and I need to love that in people. I need to love others because Christ made them like he made me and wants them. There is a risk in any relationship, but it is worth the ending pain, if for a time I was able to love them like Christ loves them.



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