Gentle Humbling and Sabbath Reflections

Sometimes I completely lose sight of who I am and my purpose. I let my ambitions guide me instead of God and His Word. I forget that the most important thing in my life is to glorify God and not share the many exciting things He may be allowing me to do. Those things a not bad, in fact they are good, but when they slip into a place where they are more important than the God they are done for, they are no longer important, meaningful, or good for anythinga except self-aggrandizement.

God has slowly shown me some of those areas in my life over the last several months in school, in ministry, in music, and in work. While hoeing weeds out of a path last week, I realized that three weeks my definition of success has gone from being how many credits I earn in a week, how many jobs I can hold down at the same time, and how involved I can be in several different events to pulling more weeds than I did the previous day.

God hasn’t allowed me to openly humiliate myself, though there have been moments when I have been mortified at myself, but He has gradually changed my mind and heart. This is part of justification. It is encouraging to see progress in my walk. Happy Sabbath.



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