Books and Bridal Showers

Mom is convinced I need to write a book about my mishaps because a blog is not enough to encompass the humor of my life. She finds my stories about hospital gowns, three foot squash, and animal confrontations hilarious. It must be a parent thing. I was recently told about a parent who posted to Facebook everytime his kids said something funny. His daughter unfriended him for filling her News Feed too often. While I don’t have time to write any book at the moment, it is an idea I will have to stash away, far away…..

Ever said something you regret? Maybe it was well intentioned, kind, and such, but it did not translate well into real words. I am the victim of my tongue.  We were all standing in a circle at a beautiful bridalshower getting ready to give little snippets of  blessing and advice. I was sincerely hoping for more time to listen to others and come up with something to express my happiness for the bride, my gratitude for her being my best friend’s other best friend (complicated?) , and hopes that the new couple would make God and His Word the center of their marriage. Is that what  came out?

Of course not. I was suddenly second and I hadn’t had time to enjoy the first person’s words of wisdom. Mom later told me that when you are in doubt about what to say, don’t  say anything at all. I have been operating for the last twelve hours hoping people really don’t pay as much attention to us as we think they do. Apparently, I can across as well intentioned, but spent half a minute talking about D and what it meant to me that the bride was such a good friend to her. I think I caught myself and managed to get back on track, but I did get a lovely note on how important I am to D from her mother. Oh dear….I think I got off on the wrong foot, not counting the one in my mouth. This is why I should never be suddenly asked to speak. I will flub everything up.

Oh well, God knew my heart and I have to believe the bride did too.



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