A Moment of Peace

In fifteen minutes there is bread to be baked, in forty minutes laundry to be put on the line, and when mom gets home there will be twenty five chicks to take care of. At the end of that there is school and dinner and a bridal shower, but right now it is quiet. And right now, with the piano from Pride and Prejudice trickling around the house, it almost seems perfect.

This morning as I put laundry on the line, just as the sun peaked over the mountain casting prisms of light all over the house and yard, a cool breeze flitted around, waking up the early birds and bringing a smile to my face. I checked the side yard where I will be planting sunflowers this week and realized it will probably take a little more effort than just planting seeds, but I hope to take care of that Wednesday. After starting bread, practicing piano, and watering plants, I had the distinct privilege of cooking a rather troublesome rooster for dinner. While I was doing laundry in my room, a bright orange finch settled on the white rose bushes singing cheerfully. It is a sweet beautiful day full of the wonderful things God has given us to enjoy.

– W


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