Modeling Modesty: Where to begin

I cringed when I found myself outlining a series on modesty. There were flashbacks to horrible “modest is hottest” conversations, summer camp rules people always pushed the limit on, and the infernal assumption that I was missing out on youthful experience. I postponed writing this for as long as possible, but I finally resigned myself to the task. My goal is to show that it is possible for young ladies to be both modest and look good.
A few points to make before I show examples to start off the fashion show:
1. Modesty is first and foremost an attitude of the heart. My mom addresses that in her Dear Daughters section.

2. Immodesty will not get you a good guy. Have some self respect. Girls say they don’t want to be objectified, but they do not act or dress like it.

3. Being immodest is not an ineffective sin. In fact it causes guys to sin and tempts them to sin in more overt ways. Immodesty is selfishness and attention mongering at its core. It sounds very ugly and nasty here because it is very ugly and nasty. Some say girls are innocent of the effect of their appearance. I say they are being naive. If they are old enough to want to look ‘hot’ they are old enough to understand that flaunting their body will get that attention from everyone

Point here: Think of the guys

4. I love jeans, don’t wear bags, and, I admit, I love looking cute and people noticing. I wear make up some and even henna my hair. My point is style and looking classy does not automatically oust modesty. In fact, if anything, style and dressing well compliments the virtue found in a woman’s heart.

5. Looking slovenly is not a fashion statement, it is lazy and not taking care of the temple God made in creating your body.

I hope I can at least make you think about what you wear, see there is a selfless way to be cute, and remember if your heart attitude is right, you will always be beautiful.



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