The S’s And Sabbath Lessons

If you are anything like me, I you find it almost impossible to rest at home. Sure, I can sleep after working all day and doing at least a little school, but just sitting at home is virtually impossible.There is always something, dishes mostly, to do. My mom is the same way, so when her best friend called and asked her, dad, and I over for dinner, it was well timed. Sometimes I wonder if Mr and Mrs S schedule nights off for us periodically, so we do not work ourselves to death.

There are famlies and homes where you can’t relax and you feel awkward taking off your jacket. The S’s are anything but this. We showed up late and tired. I had worked all day, had a sunburn to rival my hair, and had barely been able to use a knife to chop bananas for the last hour. Both of my parents were just as winded.

We arrive and their pick up is pulled into the back yard, so we can listen to their youngest son’s baseball game. They had dinner ready, so we sat in comfy deck chairs  just laughing and talking until Ty hit a triple signaling dinner. There are very few families I am so comfortable with. By the time dinner was done, the guys had worn out dad’s throwing arm and mom had admitted she liked my hair. We watched hilarious  videos of  their dog and our goats. I curled up in their chairs and fell asleep to my parents laughing and relaxing.

Sometimes, you need to learn to just enjoy your days work. The S’s help with with that  lesson.

In a perfect world, I would have been carried to the car and woken up in bed the next morning, but I guess waking up to say groggy goodbyes and ride home is just as sweet.

It was the perfect way to start my sabbath rest.



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