First Day at a New Job

I am sitting in my tower enjoying slightly undercooked carrots and parsnips and slightly over cooked meatloaf waiting for the cool breeze from this wonderful evening to come drift through my window.

Today was very good.

I have a sunburn that rivals my hair color, tiger stripes on my feet, random thorn splinters, and a happy heart. This morning I enjoyed getting ready for work unsure if I was really what the wonderful lady who runs the farm wanted. By the time I was ready to leave I had eaten scrambled eggs and bean dip and redone my hair twice to make my hat fit better finally leaving with a bag of protein balls, a water bottle, and a grocery list.

On the farm I raked, weeded, and hoed to my hearts content. I know I wasn’t as fast as I could have been because I was trying to get into the swing of things and be perfect. There is always the thought that maybe it was all a mistake or maybe I am not what they want and after they see me work they won’t want me anymore. I cleaned two rows of olloliberries (big juicy beautiful and delicious purpley-black berries) and weeded spinach. I felt like I couldn’t weed fast enough and that still was too slow, but in the end the wonderful lady told me that I would find my rhythm and become more efficient as I learned the best ways do each task.

I know I can still improcve, but I can work each day at being a little better and a little faster.

I will post another blog soon about introducing the bees to their hives which my mom, a friend, and I also did today. It is fun to have things to do with my mom.

I have to hit the books, but I think in light of the dirt clinging to every inch of me I should at least wash my feet first.

Thank you, God, for good days….



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