Things Are Looking Up

Isn’t it funny how God pulls us out of hard growing stints and into blooming flowers bits? (Before we realize we need to grow more to bloom more) God has certainly done that in the last week. After a couple months of uncertainty in work, school, social life, and ministry, God gave me a vision for my ministry (which currently seems impossible), a semester of independent study, two great Bible studies where I am getting to know new people (though I can’t wait to get back to my old one), and a job that I will actually love.
The job came today and I am so encouraged and relieved to know that in every situation God is providing for me. About a month ago I was looking at job opportunities in Tehachapi and trying to be content knowing I would have to probably do a job that would make me miserable. My mentor quickly sat me down to have a talk about God and his purpose in every situation. Yes, I knew what she was telling me already and I knew it was true, but I was duly reminded that everything God has in a person’s life for them to do is for their best and His glory. Even checking out DIYers at Home Depot would have a purpose.
Mom told me to be patient, pray, and see what would become available by the time my term finished. My term finished Saturday. That morning mom told me a lady who runs a farm, where we buy vegetables, was looking for someone for thirty or so hours a week. I went in today to find out she had not only been praying that God would bring her the right person, but also that if I was that person He would bring me in her little shop without any help from her.
I’m back on a farm again, right where I love being. I can’t wait to weed the lettuce, lay drip lines, and harvest the crops. It is interesting to note that God is continuously bringing me back to farm work. I started on this same farm two years ago, went to Indonesia to work on a farm,came home to help Mom start her farm,and now I am once again a farm hand.


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