No One Likes Self Advertisers

 Last week was the last week of my first semester of college. While I am slightly relieved that the term papers and end-of-term projects are done, I was not quite ready to stop learning about great leaders and how they work. It seemed like I had just dove into the ocean and was pulled out before I could see what was at the bottom. 

     I was talking to Dad over morning coffee about the things I had learned and the different leaders I was excited to learn more about. He listened quietly and patiently as usual and helped me find some articles on those men. It was quiet for a little while as I sat cross legged by dad’s recliner and sipped my coffee. Then dad started talking to me about something I have not been able to get out of my mind all week.

     “No one likes self advertisers.” He was reminding me, again, about how easy it is for me to talk about myself, but most people see people like that as self-absorbed and uncaring. I have been working on and thinking about this a lot in the last several weeks as I have been challenged to understand the importance of listening in communication and leadership. If I “self-advertise” about my college, work experience, or even the many faux pauxs I make, it alienates people and makes me come across as an unattractive person. Some one I respect very much had made some observations to my dad along these lines as well which reaffirmed in my mind the need I have to shut my mouth. Self advertisement and many words in general reduce the value of the important things you say. More importantly it draws attention to you instead of showing the importance of Christ.  

     Being honest with yourself hurts sometimes, but it is only when you allow this that you can face your faults and draw closer to Christ. 

– W


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