The Anne Experiment

I have always wanted red hair. Always. I love the deep auburn locks Anne of Green Gables ends up with and I wondered what I would look like if I had red hair. Well, I told my mentor about this particular pipe dream and she told me quite bluntly, ” You only live once. Loosen up. Live a little. Make mistakes.” She then gave me a little money to go get hair dye. I went straight home and ordered the dye. I then agonized for five days going between excitement and trepidation sure I was about to make a huge mistake.

I define huge mistake here as something that could potentially end very very badly, humiliate me for life, and make me look like a clown….humility is a good thing and I am working on it, but I don’t want it in this area…

The hair dye came in yesterday two hours before I had a skype time and in the middle of a busy week. So I took the instructions and followed them to the letter before I had time to chicken out. I feel bad now for my friend on skype because I was completely superficial for about two hours as I continuously reiterated the reasons why I had dyed my hair… At seven thirty last night I rinsed out the gooey mud pack sure my nightmares about ending up with orange hair had just come true. At first I couldn’t tell, which was better than orange, but a little disappointing. As it dried though, I realized it had worked. Parts of my forehead, ears and tiny hairs looked orangy, but nothing unendurable.

I know it is not as becoming as my original brown hair, but it is a life experience I can check off the list. I think I will go scrub my ears and forehead now, but eight weeks of being a red head will be fun.

– W



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