I am NOT Technologically Challenged…Really

In the past three weeks I have…

My Mind is doing this right now...

…had my computer crash

…gotten it fixed

…It really wasn’t fixed

…got it really fixed

…killed it (Yeah, I go to school online)…lost an email account (short of hacking it… there is nothing I can do to get anything of it – It was my school email too)

…submitted an assignment over a different assignment without knowing it (had a mini heart attack when I thought I had lost the assignment)

… had to wait until the last minute to do most homework because I am laptopless (inducing stress over school deadlines)…and tonight I submitted another assignment over the assignment I thought I had lost, so that I actually lost it this time…. (Did I mention I have two papers, a hundred pages of reading, two term papers, next weeks work to do, and now an hour of lectures to rewatch and a paper to rewrite?)

To add to all this, my course facilitator is a nice Christian colonel who I am slightly intimidated by… so I get to go explain it to him too. If I just blamed it all on general stress, do you think that would make it all better?I am honestly slightly nervous what will happen next… my term paper vanish along with my three back up copies? Please, no… I am going to explooooooddddddeeeeeee…

Well, now that I have an extra hour of school I should turn off the smooth jazz, brew another french press of Indonesian Arabakka, and face the music…err…. endless lectures.

– W


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