Blogging Break

Dear non-existent  readers,

This does not mean I am taking a break from blogging. It means I am taking a break from life to blog…


Life is crazy…

I passed  the last of my CLEP and DSST test and now I am in the middle of a storm of classes.

Middle Eastern Cultures

– Intense

– My professor is a private contractor for high level international security.

– According to him, I have good grammar… that’s a relief

Leadership Theory and Practice

– Intense

– Personally Challenging

– Loads and loads of coursework (which I am avoiding by writing this post)

– Self Analysis… this class mixed with living with my own personal psychologist creates the need for something stronger than tylenol…


Leadership Management and Communications

– The more practical a class is, the more intrusive it seems to be…

– Intense

– Loads and Loads of coursework….

See any similarities between my courses?

Back to the grind….Oh yes, I get to see D’s Christian ballet troupe tonight…

– W




One thought on “Blogging Break

  1. Just wanted you to know that your readers are not all non-existent and that your writing makes me smile:) Miss you!

    Jennifer W.

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