The Flaw of the Flawless

A prohibitive conscience undermines the finality of Christ’s words, “It is finished.” By being consumed with ideas of whether or not i’ve sinned I forget to trust Christ and his promise that everything I have done, said, or thought is covered by his blood. It is to live in the fear that I might do something that could seperate me from him when that is not possible.

Mistakes are part of the growth process and sometimes the mistake is being so conscienscious of not making mistakes that it becomes a form of pride. In some ways it is seeing how little I can need Christ. It allows guilt to become an idol and gives unconscious self satisfaction in being a victim of it.

Humility is stepping away from this and realizing that I need to live in grace daily. Without Christ in every moment of my life I would be tilting at windmills. Being conscious of sin is prudent, trying to control every aspect of life without the saving grace of Christ is foolish.


One thought on “The Flaw of the Flawless

  1. Miss W,

    I stumbled across this site as I was reading through your mom’s wonderfully refreshing blog which I happened to stumble upon as I was researching various ways to practically enrich the life that God has given us so graciously to live abundantly. I am so encouraged and challenged by how both you and your mom are living and learning under the grace of our sweet heavenly Father. After spending time reading various posts from you and your mom, I feel an eager sort of peace now that both makes me want joyfully serve the Lord and live slowly in His moment-to-moment presence.

    Thank you for sharing the sweetness Christ’s spirit within you. Be blessed.

    In His joy,

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