My Last Week…

Round 5 of my Clep tests is over and Round 6 will take place Thursday. After that, my Testing days are over and my class days have begun. Well, they began officially two weeks ago, but Monday I started some of the most mentally challenging leadership courses.
Since last Saturday I have been staying with a family friend who broke her hip and needs help for awhile. I have enjoyed cooking and serving her, but I think she is serving me in ways God could only orchestrate. Between all the visitors and long talks I am slowly learning something Mom and Dad have tried to tell me. I can’t lock myself away and process life. I need to learn to process as I go.
Yes, I am an introvert.
Yes, I am a melancholic.
But that doesn’t give me any excuse. I may need time alone, more time than many many people need, but I need to learn to balance that.

Balance… That has been what this week has been about.


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