Grace and Peace

God has an incredible sense of humor. My dear non existent readers, God will come up with something you need, but don’t want, and bait it with something you want and need.

Two weeks ago a dear friend and mentor fell and broke her hip.

I mentioned this and my car accident previously. I think I even mentioned the possibility of being able to stay with her.

I did not know what I was getting into.

Living with parents who do so much counseling is a blessing in many ways. Part of it is that they have so much on their plate that they don’t have time to analyze what is on yours, but when you do need someone they are always there.
Staying with someone who has counseled for sixty years and is not related to you is completely different. This is especially true when that person is bedridden and wants to talk about you. What can a person do?
I am great at holding myself together and giving polite answers for about three hours. After that, the truth spills out. She loves to ask questions.
It’s awful hearing the questions I ask others asked to me. One question could take hours for me to unpack and think out.
Between Mrs. S, my two Biblical Leadership courses, and my first secular schooling experience I want to sit and process all of this.
I am being challenged on a personal level I have never been challenged at before. I am finding myself analyzing how I think, what I worry about, how I process, and so many things that come back to finding my identity in Christ.
– W


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