Early Morning Reflections

The full moon is setting behind me and filling my little room with a glow. I’m still in my pajamas, my hair is all crinkly from the my night braid, and my glasses are slightly smudged. There are a couple of glasses sitting on my desk waiting to be washed and stacks of books are propped haphazardly on every available surface.
I am already feeling anxious about getting what I need to get done today even though I keep thinking about the Psalms and the verse that says, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything with prayer and supplication let your request be mad known to God.”
Mom reminds me constantly that each day I will get done what needs to be done that day.
February is almost a quarter finished and the anxious old man in me keep saying it is useless for you to be starting anything new. But my new man disagrees especially when those things will help me draw closer to God through out my day.

1. I want to find three gifts every day and post them. I need to cultivate a grateful and praise oriented spirit in me. Ann Voscamp in her blog, A Holy Experience, offers three things to look for every day to praise God.
Today’s challenge: A gift broken, a gift fixed, a gift thrifted

2. Everyday I want to pick an attribute of God and reflect on it, how God has shown it in my life, and what I can take from that.
Todays attribute: The Love of God

I can already fill myself tensing up and my brow furrowing at this planned addition to my day. This will be very good for me.
– W


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