Needs – What I Should Be Doing Right Now

Everyday there are a hundred and two things to be done.
They demand attention, time, and energy like everything else in the world. I make an impossible to do list at the beginning of the day and hope I get half of what I think I need done in a day.
Important things like exercise and a quiet time sometimes get down graded as my day goes on until I consider a five minute reading before I go to sleep a quiet time.
I struggle with prioritizing because to me everything is important.
Today there is cleaning, cooking, laundry, school in its many different forms, animals to feed, a garden in need of attention, and an entire month to be thought out.
A friend of the family needs some help for a while, so I might be going to live there a few days a week. I have four tests in the next two weeks, a new secular course I started this week, and two on biblical leadership in the next week and a half. Then there is Valentine’s day. I don’t have a boyfriend, but I would like to do something for my family. To add to all this there is a newsletter to write and training to plan for my new responsibilities as a Community Leader for Global Media Outreach.
I wish I knew what to do when and how and where, so that I could learn the most and still be efficient.
I guess I’ll go bumble through my day.
– W


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