Dreams – A Wish Your Heart Makes

The title may be cliche, but it is a good definition.
Right now, I’m in my world of dreams. All around me are books I want to read, pictures of people I want to see and places I want to be, there are tools to learn languages, music, skills, and improve memory. There are things I want to write: books, poetry, bible studies, guides, and random piffle.

In Amazing Grace William Pitt the Younger said,”…we’re too young to realize certain things are impossible. Which is why we will do them anyway.”

My laptop is down, so I’m ‘limited’ to an iPad, but I know there are thousands of people in the world who would love to get there hands on this thing. They dream of the technology I use on a daily basis. The things I take for granted are those that others would enjoy just playing with.
I wonder how much of the stuff I have amassed would help others. I wonder how much of it can put to good use and improve myself with.

I realized I don’t have a future dream.
I want to finish school, but after that I have no idea.
I am dreaming about what is going to happen in August of 2013 when I am a graduate with two degrees.
My goals are to be where God wants me to be, but I don’t have any idea where that will be.
That’s exciting.



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