Gift – That Means You Didn’t Deserve It

While this last month has been a time in the trenches, most of life is and that hasn’t stopped God from giving me so much this month.
Whether it was an evening watching the stars with a good friend on a trampoline while discussing our futures as old maids running a cafe on the East Coast or more time to work on my relationships with my sisters there wasn’t a day God didn’t give me something extra to thank him for.
A skype date with three friends I hadn’t seen in several months.
An unexpected package with a belated Christmas gift.
Early morning coffee with friends.
Walks and small adventures.
Mary Tyler Moore
A good college Bible study
A position as a ministry head for GMO
An opportunity to serve a woman who has served hundreds of married couples.
A friend to talk to when I got bad news
A good night’s sleep
A garden to work hard in
Animals that I have begrudgingly befriended
A better understanding of foot and meter in poetry

There is so much to be thankful for and I am determined to look for that and find it on a daily basis.
I want to see each days little blessings.

– W


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