Too Long for a Newsletter, so I Blogged it

“Look to the nations, watch and be utterly amazed for I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe even if you were told.” – Habakkuk 1:5

In the first four verses of Habakkuk the prophet is asking God to tell him how He can use a wicked nation for His purposes. Throughout the book he describes this nation as full of iniquity, paralyzed law, and perverted justice. This nation is without rest, full of wine, and collects all people as his own. Habakkuk warns against those who build wealth by ill-gotten gains, promiscuity, and the futility of idolatry in many forms. Each warning is backed by the Lord’s promise that at the appointed time His fury will poor down upon the nation at His appointed time which will come.
This was originally directed at Assyria and Babylon, but the descriptions fit our nation as well, but before we are weighed down by the doom to come we should remember why God has us where we are and the opportunities we have. The righteous are called to live by faith in these times and watch for the work He is doing among the nations.
In a world that mirrors much of what we read in Habakkuk, what opportunities do we see?
With The internet we are able to reach even the closed countries with the truth of God. But do you slip between ministry mode and rest mode as you go through your life? I would encourage you to remember that the emails you respond to have people at the other end. These people are just as likely to be the lady from the produce section at the grocery or the man from the apartment complex down the road as they are to be a Muslim in Pakistan or atheist in Poland. Every man and woman needs God and I would encourage you to pray for them and talk to them about Jesus as freely as you do online.
– W


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