The Lost, Found

Several years ago I was at an Advent service. As usual there was a reading, candle lighting, music, and backlight signing. Just before Dad was going up for the closing prayer a guy a little younger than me walked up with his guitar and started playing. It began as a beautiful acoustic piece, classical. He was excellent. About a minute in he kicked a switch, the guitar became electric, and he played even more beautifully. His face was filled with the joy that comes with being lost in music. I knew that feeling.

It is like a thought you have for minute and then slips away. You can’t think of it if you try, but it dances around the edges of your thoughts appearing for a second and completely gone the next. When you grasp it, even if it was small and unimportant, there is a sweetness to it. Thats the closest thing I can compare.

This morning I found words to express it. It starts in Genesis when Joseph sends his brothers home the first time after holding he gives them gold worth the same amount as the price for their grain. When they return to Egypt they try to give it back, but the government already has the money. Joseph returned that money to men who mocked, beat, betrayed, and sold him. He could have refused them grain, extracted the punishment they all deserved, and in so doing hurt them like they hurt him. Instead he gave them what they did not deserve and in so doing saved them and their entire household.

The verse  from Ephesians 2 came to mind, “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith, and that not of yourself, it is a gift of God, that no man may boast.”

It was the grace of a man who had lost everything at the hands of the men he now ruled over. He knew what he was giving them and what it would and had cost him. They had no idea until he revealed himself.

Nineteen years ago last week I was adopted. Everything about my old life and the hardships I would have faced was erased including my name and social security number. Mom and Dad took me in, a girl they did not know and did not need, out of a bad situation and gave her a home, love, care, and provided for me beyond anything anyone deserved. I was given an act of love that supersedes most, but God did something even more incredible. He took His Son, Himself in human form, and made him the least. As the son of a virgin, he was considered illegitimate even though the man who was assumed to be his father married her. The stars sing of their Creator, the rocks cry out at the irreverence  of lack of praise, and the trees clap their hands at Him name. What does man, his greatest creation, do? Murder him.

He chooses. – those who are His enemies.

He pursues. – those who run from Him.

He rescues. – those who beat Him.

He woos. – those who hate Him.

He protects. – those who neglect Him.

He lavishes. – those who ignore Him.

What can you do when some is so determined?

Blaise Pascal had an answer,“There is a God shaped vacuum in the heart of every man which cannot be filled by any created thing, but only by God, the Creator, made known through Jesus.”

You let Him fill it. You praise Him for it.

I close my eyes and let that whole idea wash over me.  There is that feeling again, but I finally had words for it. It was the lost being found and the unknown becoming know, a light shining on a dark place highlighting a new facet of God and His incredible power and providence.

– W




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