January 1, 2012

A new year.

It seemed appropriate that the New Year should fall on a Sunday.

Last year I was privileged to go serve overseas in Indonesia, quit several jobs, started a business, start a rather insane college career, and make several friends only to lose them to the far reaches of the globe.

All in all, last year has left me a year older, two years of college completed, three goats, fourteen chickens, three cats and two dogs richer, and a to do list that would rival Santa’s Naughty List.

What new things will this year hold?

I can only hope it is half as much excitement and adventure as this past year has had.

It is time for my yearly goals, yet again.

1. Tell some one about Jesus once a week.

– D was back for the week and like last year around this time we decided to make another goal to improve our walks with Jesus.

2. Stick with my School plan.

– It is good to resolve to continue to do things once in a while.

3. Be ready and waiting for any opportunity God may send my way.

– I would be very grateful if these include traipsing over long distances, reunions with old friends, making new ones, and hopefully a few unforeseen adventures and forks in the road.

Until tomorrow then.

– W


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