I was walking down my grandfather’s hallway yesterday and realized life is like that hallway full of pictures, mirrors, windows, and doors. As you walk down the hall you can see the thoughts and paths others have taken. These pictures give you dreams of places to go and things to do. These pictures surround us and influence us in different ways. Some are large and square and monochrome. And some are long and narrow full of vibrance and ideals. There are a few full of life, small, squeezed between the large ones, these show far off places and adventure.

The doors take you into rooms, both empty and full, some ready to fill, some in need of repair, but all a new opportunity and full of potential. There is a window at the far side of the hall. It is shows an unbiased look at the world, the Truth and unlike the pictures it is not one person’s perspective. When you start walking down the hall, there is a mirror behind you which makes you seem to fill the hallway, but that is just your perspective at the beginning. By the time you’ve reached the window, you can see the truth. You look back at the mirror and realize you don’t fill it at all, but you have a full picture of the lives you seen that have impacted you and those which you impacted , the opportunities you have taken and ignored, and the truth, your purpose in it.


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