Family Reunions 101: Mothers, Untold Stories, and Food Allergies

How does it happen to me just when I’ve settled down on a coach with my turkey and vegetables (all gluten free)   I see my mom looking at me questioningly  in such a way that I completely lose my appetite?

I was to be told later that my mom had been exchanging stories about a few of my near death experiences in the last year involving cliffs and fast cars. My Uncle who currently suffering my wrath (the throwing of napkins and loving insults) had told her how I had nearly drowned in the Rio at one of our family reunions. I was river rafting with said Uncle and had gotten ahead of him when suddenly I disappeared. There was one waterfall in the whole area and I had managed to get trapped behind it in a culvert with a strong undercurrent. Fortunately my Uncle was able to grab me before I was in too much trouble.

Relieved that was all that had caused Mom’s incredulity I reapplied myself to my Christmas dinner.

As I enjoyed some potatoes I heard my mom say, “W, you are an interesting individual.”

Whose Mom says something like that to their child?

– W



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