T’was the Night???

Just a night of the census, and all through the town

All the creatures were stirring, not one settled down.

The soldiers were strung along the gates with care

In hopes that full coffers soon would be there.


The people were crammed in every house, floor, and bed,

While thoughts of freedom and anger filled every head.

‘Keeper’s wife scurrying and the innkeeper about to snap

Both wishing they were done and ready for a nap.


When out on the street there arose such a clatter,

He jumped to the door to see what was the matter.

Away to the window she flew in a dash

Leaned out the op’ning and onto the sash.


The late noon sun shone down on the street aglow

Fell on a man with his wife expectant full did show.

Then, to the keeper’s annoyance, his demeanor austere

The young man to the crowded inn drew near.


The large older manager, so tired and worn,

Knew that he must turn the two from his door.

His wife knowing, too, the options before them

Asked her husband to make room for them.


“Now, husband, I ask you to please think quick.

The woman is in labor and the man about to panic.

We have a stable out of the way.

They have need of it. Please let them stay.”


The innkeeper led the couple to the cave.

It was drafty and cold, but out of the way.

The woman was carried to the back of the room

The keeper’s wife readied for the babe to come soon.


Donkey’s were braying, Chickens all squaked

At the intrusion unwelcome at which they all gawked.

The labor was long and the birth full of pain

Not a calm peaceful moment, all seemed insane.


Just when the girl thought she was done

a troop of loud shepherds came on the run.

Her son was swaddled in a trough on the wall.

They rejoiced to find the Son of God in that stall.


She graciously received them filled with joy

At the hope God had sent to the world through this boy.

His name, Emmanuel, God with Us,

the Truth, Our Savior, Messiah, Jesus.


Merry Christmas!

– W


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