This Makes It Look Easy


I finally was able to compile all my colleges and courses which I have taken in the last two months and will be taking in the next year in one list.


    • Writing for Specialized Magazines
    • New Communication Technologies and Society
  • General Education
    • Psychology
    • General Anthropology
    • American Literature
    • English Literature
    • Intro to Computing
    • Intro to Sociology
    • Natural sciences
    • College Composition
    • Western Civilization 2
    • Western Civilization 1
    • Analyzing and Interpreting Literature
    • Ancient Rome
    • History of American Journalism
    • Ancient Egypt and Mesopotomia
    • Introduction to News Reporting
    • Public Relations Thought and Practice
  • Journalism · Anthropology
    • Liberal Arts Capstone
    • Social Organization
      Portfolio Assessment
    • news writing
    • Forensic Science
    • Introduction to Mass Communications I

Easy – right?


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