Divine Appointments With A Little Extra Special

Have you ever needed a hug? Maybe it was a rough couple weeks, have been sick, missing people, and just discouraged in general. Ever been there?

I hit that point yesterday night at about seven o’clock on the assembly line at the Operation Christmas Child processing plant. I tried praying for the kids the boxes are meant for, I tried praying for family, friends, people near, and people far, but for some reason I couldn’t focus on anything. I ended up praying for encouragement. 

Not twenty minutes later two friends who served as missionaries in Ethiopia showed up. After our shift at the Center while we were at dinner I ran into two women, one who needed a friend and another who wanted to hear about my experiences in Indo, what God has showed me, and where I am headed. We talked for two hours. It was like debrief, but after I had taken time to process. Her name was Deborah. Do you believe in God sends? 

That was enough to make me smile and be encouraged, but God did something extra for me the next day. We were half way through the morning and the chaplain stopped to pray for the days shipment. Where were the boxes we were packing go? Indonesia. My Indonesia. 

I still may have wanted a hug, but God definitely brings all things into perspective and works it all for His good and my good. 

 – W



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