Holiday Reading List

Unlike my summer reading list my Holiday reading list is a little more ridiculous than usual.

Due to my failure at completing NaNoWriMo which  though I have not given up completely my book,  according to my stats, will not be finished until sometime in January of next year, I have created a new goal for the month of December. An impossible reading list including Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With The Wind, and two of my favorite Charles Dicken’s Little Dorrit and  Bleak House. My bonus book is Anna Kerenina by Tolstoy. And then because of a solemn oath never to read strictly in one genre for lengthly periods of time (like one month) I have a series six Stephen Lawhead books on the rise and fall of Arthur. It starts with the story of Atlantis where Merlin’s story begins and  then the history of Camelot all the way through Arthur’s fall and travel’s to Avalon is told. If I have time there is a seventh book called Avalon where the prophesies about Arthur returning are fulfilled.

After this I fully intend to read all of my textbooks and hopefully pick up a few just for fun to round it all out.

Possible, of course.

Will I do it? Completely different question.

I have learned much about myself in the last few weeks including the little known fact that if my life isn’t interesting enough to suite me I will create a challenge to test and push myself. In other words if I have no trouble of my own, I go look for some. A great quality. Yeah?

– W




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