Boba, Math Professors, and Testing

Monday, I worked
Tuesday, I worked
Wednesday, I studied
Thursday, I tested.

But this Thursday unlike every other D’s older sister joined me on my trip to her alma mater. We went to lunch together in the cafeteria where normally I sit alone, but this time with D2 it was different. Every so often an old friend would come and talk to her. This continued until a young man asked to sit down with us. This young man happened to be a thirty year old professor of math, a friend of D2’s, and hyper intelligent. So what did we do? Convince him that I am the last of her four sisters. This guy had known D2 for more than a year, and we completely hoodwinked him.
I excused myself to take my tests, English Literature and Intro to Computing, which I passed. After which we went to dinner, and a movie, and thrift store shopping… The highlight of my day, boba, a starchy tapioca ball at the bottom of a mango smoothie. Some say they taste like tadpoles, but I liked it.
We got home late, but I would definitely dub it a success.

– W


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