Social Nativity: Holiday Goals

Last year I saw a video shared on Facebook where they did a three minute nativity story using Facebook, so this year I want to collaborate with my friends to reenact the nativity through Facebook from December 1-27.

Is it too much to ask a load of post-teen/pre-adults to give up their social networking for a month to share the joy of Christ’s first coming.

I have so many ideas about the script including song link ups, prophesy notes, pregnancy check- in for Mary, trip check-in for the wise men, and friends and family. I want to remind people that this really happened to real people with real problems. How better than to have people be them for a month talk about their problems and actively involve themselves in other characters lives. If no one wants to do this with me, I might have to open thirty plus accounts to do it myself.

I think it would be awesome to bring together Christians from all over the United States and the World to reenact one of the biggest events in history in a public forum.

– W


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