Safety Check

Yesterday, I went to pick up a pizza at our local country club where, due to the influx of customers on Friday night, the closest parking spot was at the extreme end of the parking lot. I locked my car and headed for the massive staircase that led to the handicap parking area which then led to the restaurant. While walking quickly across the dimly lit space a car drove up behind me. I kept walking. It followed me. it followed me all the way to the staircase and then headed towards a parking space. Odd. I knew I hadn’t been hogging the lane to myself. There hadn’t been any parking spaces where I was walking through. And I wasn’t quite sure who would prowl around country clubs, so I put the incident out of mind.
Five minutes later I was in line waiting to pick up my pizza when the grandparents of one of my friends walked in. I smiled and said hi. Their response, “It was you in the parking lot! We knew we recognized you, but we were sure you must have been cold without a jacket on.”
That mystery solved I returned home to continue work on my nanowrimo novel.
– W


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