Dear Non- Existent Readers,

Sometimes writing for yourself is a pain.

Sometimes you just want one person to write for even though the likely hood of that occurring is nil.

Sometimes your mind is going fast and your body is dragging along behind like the boots tied to the back bumper of a car.

Sometimes writing and throwing your work into the cyber black hole never to be read or seen again seems like a complete waste of time.

Sometimes it is a release having an anonymous space to laugh at yourself and the things God challenges you with, successes and failures, dreams and realities.

Sometimes all you want to do is rant about one particular issue so you type a six paragraph post only to hit select-all delete because on the off chance someone reads this you would never want to be that person who posts their diary online (as if your life was worth letting the world read)

Sometimes there is nothing to say.

– W


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