Firsts and Diversions aka They call me Crazy for a Reason

At this moment I have two tests and several other duties that are calling my attention, but no matter how hard I try I can not focus.
Natural Sciences and Sociology may have the privilege of being the first tests that actually aggravate me. Not that they are difficult, but sociology has me questioning my sanity and wondering how many people really need to devote their lives to studying suicides and the facial construct of criminal minds to understand how human nature is depraved and in desperate need of a Savior. There is so much emphasis on the institution and man as a collective body that I feel the urgent need to flee, panic as they call it in my textbook, to the mountains, not en masse because that would defeat the purpose.
I enjoy the Natural Sciences, but not when you are trying to cram Biology, Chemistry, and Physical Science into two weeks. Here is to wishing I could take a month (what a novelty) and study just chemistry. Alas, if wishes were fishes…
Due to the frustration this has caused I have discovered a new side of myself. Meet W the procrastinator. I have successfully done everything that does not need to be done in order to avoid the insanity that is my study schedule.
This leads to my several firsts:
1. Preparing a Garden for the Winter:
I spent all afternoon Friday and part of Saturday cleaning beds, pulling stakes up, and transferring multiple tomato plants to the garage door track, so that our garage (apologies for the redundancy) now looks like the cheap construction site version of Babylon’s Hanging Gardens.
2. Started an addicting Book:
I save books for times such as these. You know the type: thick and sucks you in until you can’t sleep without reading just a few more chapters, typically Crime and Mystery, not Doyle or Sayers
3. Sleep in:
This is probably the one I am most guilty of (Did I just end my sentence in a preposition? I have slipped further than I thought.) Sure seven isn’t that late, but it is two
whole hours I could be working. Who needs six hours of sleep?
4. Yearly Maintenance:
Most people get the urge to take care of business in the spring. Unfortunately this hit
right before I sat down to finish my Natural Sciences study guide requiring me to go to the bank today and get my car check yesterday. Fortunately, while I was getting my car taken
care of my old boss asked if I could work during Christmas… SCORE.
5. NaNoWriMo Prep
My personal favorite: 50000 words in 30 days. My personal goal is 2000 words a day. It starts tonight at midnight, so I figure this will help me get back into the swing of things.

My tests are Thursday. Between now and then I will:
1. Study….hard
2. Write at least six thousand years
3. Figure out how behind I am in things
4. Clean my sanctum
5. Study
6. Breaking the bad habit of creating lists in blog posts (and providing parenthetical commentary on my own work)

I guess this is my New Month Resolution… off to the bank (for more maintenance) and then Starbucks (for buckle down study time) and the Bible Study.

As Pascal said, “I didn’t have the time to make it short.”

– W


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