Fighting Roosters, Large Squash, and Procrastination

Many of my recent posts have been filled with school and seemed to have abandoned life on the homestead. Recently my time has been consumed with Sociology and Natural Sciences. The moral of that story: never underestimate your enemy or any challenge.
I carried this theme over to chores this afternoon while gardening. Captain Buff, one of our two roosters, is the chicken equivalent of the overprotective boyfriend. Anytime one of my younger sisters goes out to feed the chickens or clean the coop they return with horror stories of dive bombing and pecking attacks. I had finished harvesting our bumper crop of tomatos which had bloomed late on my way back to the house I noticed the chickens had flown the yard exploring the rose bushes, pipe trenches, and the fences running maze-like around the yard. After herding the majority back into the yard Cap’n Buff started charging my ankles ignoring my hissing and intimidation tactics. After a few good pecks I started crowing at the thing. Yes, crowing. With a rooster. I must have pulled the male domination card because after a couple crows back and forth he cowered into the yard with a few indignant squawks.
The tomatoes I garnered yesterday are in the soup simmering on the stove. The soup I prepared last night while the butternut squash crossed with pumpkin or spaghetti squash boiled to pieces for dinner. I used to prepare multiple meals at a time, but not as much more recently. The squash I dissected had been nearly three feet long and ten plus inches around at the bulb. As I cooked I wanted to take pictures for my blog looking like a real homesteader. By the time the squash had boiled enough to skin my other soup was on the stove. This was the moment my put together home making skills failed me. I couldn’t get the skin off by peeling or cutting it off, so in a brilliant move I started scraping it out with my hands getting gooey boiling hot squash mush all over. Now my hands are covered in a shinny tight layer…
My lightly toasted hands are accompanied by two skinned knees (breaking a heel while carrying too much causing a skidding collision with the ground), and bruises up and down my legs (falling down a flight of stairs and in a separate event missing a cement step while carrying too much face planting). Any basic themes? Klutz with the propensity to carry too much.
On the school front, my next test is next Thursday, so I should apply myself and ward off all the distractions which include my reading list, my office, and so many other little things that suck up time like Facebook…

– W


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