College Done Different

I have learned the best way to be an instrument of change is to practice what you preach. Please excuse the colloquialisms. As a result of this I am working to get my Bachelor Of Arts in Anthropology in a little over a year saving both time and money by taking CLEP (College level examination programs) and DANTES (Defence activity for non traditional education support) exams. They offer more than thirty exams that will give me what I need to achieve to earn my degree. I will be graduating from an accredited college with life experience in multiple job experiences, working from home, and international missions work. I am not exceptionally brilliant which would defeat my purpose. I am simply trying to use my time to the best of my ability proving that anyone can do what I do.
I will keep my running score here and use my blog to update it. There have been blogs on cleaning, homemaking, computer engineering, and blogging – mine is on an small town girl working to have a God focused influence on the world. College is a step towards that

Me: 12 – 18
Testing: 0

Round 1
Western Civilizations 1 – 3 credits Passed
Analyzing and Interpreting Literature – 6 credits Passed

Round 2
Western Civilizations II – 3 credits. Passed
College Compositions – 6 credits Status Pending

Round 3
Introduction to Sociology – 3 credits. Studying
Natural Sciences – 6 credits. Studying

Round 4
Introduction to Computing – 3 credits Books Ordered
English Literature – 6 credits Books Ordered

Round 5
American Literature – 6 credits. Books Ordered
Humanities – 6 credits. Books Ordered

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