Seusian Socks and Aardwolves

We all know about  Wacky Wednesdays, but few seem to be aware of the Terrific Thurdays. For the last two weeks Thursdays have been my day of choice.  Not only do I get out of the house and see the faces of people my own age, but I also get to complete college level exams, act like a normal college student, eat cafeteria food, and conclude my day with shopping at retail stores on storewide clearance and scan my electronic dictionary for interesting words. 
Typically, I dislike shopping. I more than dislike shopping. Typically, I would rather be physically restrained and hung over an exploding volcano to slow roast if the poisonous gases did not suffocate first.  The exception defines the rule though and this time the loot acquired justifies the hours spent sitting and waiting. Orange earphones, face wash, a five dollar movie, and best of all, knee high purple Polk-a-dotted fuzzy socks.
I love fuzzy – pajamas, robes, hats gloves, and jackets, but Socks have always had a special place. I sat with my socks like the Godfather petting his cat reading a book while my sisters strutted in and out of dressing rooms. Mom called my bags a “college kid’s care package”
What could be better than two feet of fuzziness? In an age of obsession with  werewolves, vampires, and ligers, the last obviously being reasonable, I would like to introduce you to my new favorite animal, the aardwolf. It eats ants and other insects especially termites, but it only lives in Africa. The moral of the story? If you ever find yourself running for your life in the dessert plains of Africa from a pack of hyena looking beasts, they might just be trying to eat the insects covering you, not you yourself. 
One last note:
I took the exams for Western Civ II and College Composition comprising Round 2.
Me: 12 -18
Clep: 0
I won’t know the results of the College Comp test for a couple weeks, but until then I will be focusing on Intro to Sociology and Natural Sciences.
– Me


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