Maybe life has been busy or maybe it is all an illusion, but either way days seem to go by like lightening. Between a strict regimen of studying, chores, work, writing, reading, and exercise there doesn’t seem to be as many hours in the day as I was used to when I was working last year. School is incredible. Currently I am delving into Western Civilization 1 and 2…. History from the beginning of civilization in 2,500 BC up to now. A lot can happen in four thousand years. I feel like part of my mind (the functioning part) has dumped on to 12×18 inch pages and I will never get it back. I keep trying to type something coherent and a random word will pop into the sentence as my mind starts fazing out. it is hardest to stay awake between the hours of four and eight, but sleep will quell me not. I have another study session between nine and eleven.

God is incredible and works in crazy ways. I am starting to see the blessing of being at home, being with my family, having something to do, and the opportunity to work towards bringing missions mindedness and passion for God to my church and community.

– W


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