Routines, Keats, and a Five Year Plan

It is hard to believe I started school this Monday. I have been away from it for so long I almost feel to old to be at school, Accelerated Distance Learning Program through CollegePlus. The last couple days have been filled with calling colleges, finding out about their CLEP centers, reviewing study skills and speed reading, analyzing where God has brought me and where he wants to lead me, ordering books, and making a five year plan.

In preparation for my first three CLEPs, Analyzing and Interpreting Literature and Western Civilization 1 & 2, I have started to read Keats and Longfellow and pull out my old notes on the area.

What nineteen year old has a five year plan? I know it is tentative, but for some reason it is a little overwhelming to look at, ” August 2015 – Take Counseling Course, Read My Utmost to His Highest, Internship for Masters, Survey Trip?, Weigh Doctoral Options”

Well my routine says I have to go study now so tata

– W


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