Printers: My Nemesis

While I haven’t been officially diagnoses with DPD, disfunctional printer disorder, I have all the classic symptoms. Copy machines break when I touch them, printers explode on sight, and don’t get me started on Xerox.  I was trying to print out my homework on a almost new printer and not only does the paper jam and the cartridge, but it locks up and won’t let me fix it.

Am I the only one?

Even better, the next day I tried using a replacement printer. It happened again.

On another note – What is in a name?

Mine means consecrated, promise of God, God of rest, but even better  my last name is rooted in the Norse name Valkir. The best part? The feminine form is Valkyrie. It makes me feel more capable of trampling printers and copiers.

– W


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