Top Twenty-One Things I Learned in Indonesia

The Top Twenty-one Things We Learned in Indonesia:

  1. There are no chairs!!!! (The floor is REALLY hard.)
  2. Doorways are built for small people!!!!!!! (All the tall people need helmets.)
  3. Being white is celebrity status. We have to be ready to smile for the camera constantly.
  4. While goat pee smells bad, it really improves the taste of the vegetables!
  5. Do not use your left hand (toilet hand) to pass things.
  6. You can’t have the bottom of your feet facing people because you will be flipping them off.
  7. If you do a T in sign language, basically you’re giving someone the middle finger.
  8. Rice and tofu can be made 100 different ways!
  9. Point with your thumb not your pointer finger.
  10. Lizards are in your room and sometimes use the bathroom on your head.
  11. Doing laundry is considered an Olympic sport.
  12. Flypaper is very useful to catch the swarms of flies that come inside. (However, when my water bottle was dumped on the paper it was not so fun.)
  13. Motor Bikes are the taking over Indonesia!!! Watch out because they WILL run you off the road.
  14. Water is your best friend and your worst enemy.
  15. If you are offered food, you must eat it. If it’s a lunch and they just gave you tons of snacks, you still have to eat it even if you think you’re going to pop!
  16. Everything is damp.
  17. Coffee and Green Tea hard candies along with Pikachu snack packs are amazing!!!!!
  18. When you go fishing, you can keep any size fish! (What on earth???)
  19. If a pregnant woman touches one of your facial features and then touches her stomach it means that she wants her child to have that characteristic.
  20. A little caterpillar can give you a rash.

Bonus: Guys wear skirts!


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