Changes: Calling

This is the most exciting one for me because while I still do not know what Yaweh will be doing in particular with me, I have learned some.

I do not want to just say “I have THE calling” because that sounds like I am some one special or something to marvel at. The truth is Yaweh used me and during that time I was fulfilled in every way. Everytime I think about the people I was with I get a knot in my throat and a lump in my stomach because I know where there lives are headed and I want to go work to change that. There are so many people that need Jesus and I want to be a part of that here, while I am at school, and maybe someday Yaweh will allow me to go back and love the people like He loves them.

Also I think Yaweh wants me to use my gifts to tell others about the need out there. I have a story to tell and I think while it would be humbling for me it would bring more glory to Him. They say write what you know. I know people who gave all for Christ and took risks and Yaweh used those to further himself. I know women who get up at three am and work until ten pm and think they are lazy. I know eleven people who asked the Spirit to use them and he did. It amazes me. How could I keep it to myself?

– W


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