Changes: Physical

So, a little update on where I am at now.


Location:  In Wheaton College in Illinois with R’s older sister and husband

Immediate Plans: Fly back to T-Town tommorrow and enjoy seeing my family again (appearantly B shot, cooked, and ate a quail while I was gone – she hasn’t changed much)

Jobs: I quit both DJ’s restaurant and AHO. I am considering not teaching piano and tutoring when I get back. I might just be a student for a while.

School: Will being a student be easy? I am fully purposing to have my Bachelor’s by this time next year…. piece of cake

Volunteer: No Sunday School, no praise team, and no library, but I will be working with the school newspaper staff this year to train and equip. This doesn’t mean I will be doing nothing, but it does mean I may be looking at something completely new.

Church Involvement: I am thinking about pulling back from so much ministry involvement for a while and allowing myself to be led. Also, I would like to see what other needs there are in my church and see if I can meet them.

Note: I have a tendency to overfill my plate, so when I get back I will be working with my family to build priorities and really do them well. These things include corrospondence, rest, studying, healthy lifestyle, prayer, and devotions.



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