Something to Celebrate

R and I went out for dessert last night to celebrate raising all of our funding for our missions trip. We dressed up in our best dresses and went to a new restaurant in town that is owned by a friend. As nothing with me is ever normal, what was supposed to happen and what happened are two completely different things.

We were going to go have cake and lattes, a nice quiet talk, look nice, and have fun. While we did look nice, in fact, gorgeous, our night went nothing like we expected it to. We headed out at around eight and R uncharacteristically  changed her mind about the restaurant. We ended up at the newest restaurant in town dressed up and looking fine. When we got inside, to my surprise a friend from work sat down and accused me of being a spy for DJ. At this point R and I sat there awkwardly as we were basically ordered for and talked with for a while. We had the best baklava and tiramisu alongside turkish coffee. At this time three men in full Nazi uniform walked in….. yes I am telling the truth. As soon as friend #1 got up and went back to his table another guy we didn’t know from the same table and talked to us until we left after awkwardly eating our dessert. I just found it odd….. very odd

– W


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