My Sanctum aka An Unfinished Bathroom

My sanctum, possibly the coldest room in the house, is an unfinished bathroom on the second floor of our house in the corner. I filled it with my stuff and left over carpet. It needs paint, more carpet, doors, and other things, but in my mind there is no place I’ld rather be. In my mind it is the turret of a castle, the corner of library, a space in my mind where there is no impossibility. I can be myself, which I don’t think any other room could handle.Everything stops at the door, it is me and God and whatever my imagination can bring forth. I had better stop before my eloquence wanes. Thats what I get from reading to much Shakespeare, Dunn, Hardy, and Blackmoore. Its all big words and heavy dialect.

The one drawback is that my mom decided to turn it into a greenhouse for her sprouts meaning less privacy and more bugs. Now, I generally don’t mind insects. At one point I even wanted to be an entomologist and at another I kept all manor of spiders and creepy crawlies (including a vinegaroon and a tarantula) in my closet it in individual jars. Unfortunately Mom discovered my collection and made me put them in a big coffee can outside where they promptly ate each other up. That is aside from the point, I do like insects, but I prefer not discovering them in a deep breath of supposedly clear air…

– W


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