Bucket Lists Thoughts

When I was little that movie with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholas (Did I get the right guy? I mix up the actor and the golfer all the time.) came out. Within a few years everyone had a bucket list. I had one for graduation which included getting flowers, be hoity toity for the day, and going to the beach.  Now I’m sitting here having finished my last list of fifty things to do before I “kick the bucket” of childhood. Was it fun? Sure. Did have any bearing on who I am today? Unless you consider the fact that my toe nails are currently black because of the list, not really.

What am I going to end up doing with my life?  Where will I be in ten years? Will I still be at this ‘.com’  ranting at the world, forcing you to see how great God’s sense of humor is?

The truth.

I have no idea.

I am starting to have an idea of how God will have this next year shape up, but the details are still fuzzy like a television from my parent’s time.

If  it is the will of God, I will be going to Indonesia this summer to work on a farm and learn about the language and culture. When I get back, I will be in Florida for a week, Chicago for a week, and an unnamed destination for a family get together with my Mom’s side.

After this I will continue at Y and J’s hopefully as a server and teach piano to my students. Also I will continue on praise team working more on my music.

Also, I will be working my way through an accelerated distance program attaining my BA/BS in history and anthropology by next September.

Like my original list I am determined to write my book in the next year as well.

Because my life will continue to fall under the category of insane and flying by the seat of your pants I will constantly have new material to entertain you, my poor readers.

– W


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