Assisting Depreciation

Remember how I just got my drivers license? Well I have learned many things about cars since then. The more you put into a vehicle the less it is worth. The more gas it consumes, the less it is worth. If you sit in the car, it is worthless. If it is twenty years old, the value is already almost nothing, so young whippersnappers, like myself, can’t detract from the value any more than it has been detracted from already. That was a long run on sentence to say, you can’t make something worth less when it already basically worthless. Of course there are exceptions to the rule. My twenty year old Lexus with not even eighty five thousand miles on it  which I purchased for twenty seven hundred is the perfect example.

I admit I was proud of my vehicle which I purchased in cash with my own money. But as it ways in James 4:6, “God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.

The Damage

This morning I was backing out a friend’s drive way which is set at a very odd angle to the road (and to the rest of the driveway)  at the bottom of a blind curve coming off a steep mountain. I thought I had checked the clearance in front of me, so I turned my focus to not being pulverized by some massive truck barreling down the side of the mountain. Because the angles were all wrong I ended up knocking over part of a fence and popping out my headlight.

Of course that has to be fixed as soon as possible….. thank goodness it won’t reflect on my driving record…

– W


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