Good Use For Wasted Time

You know the one thing that frustrates me more than anything else? Wasted time that you have no choice, but to use for something unnecessary. You know, the hour you spend in the doctor’s waiting room, the drive time on the way to work, the first two years of college…. Just the other day I was dealing with a similar situation. My bank closed at five o’clock and Bible Study didn’t start until seven o’clock. Of course I had brought things to do in the interim time like write a letter to my good friend CC, but I had no place to do it. Because I hadn’t had dinner I went to the bakery.  Two pages, a sandwich, brownie, and large cup of  German coffee later the bakery closed leaving me place-to-hang-out-til-Bible-Studyless, so I went to Starbucks. The good news was I received free pretzels; the not so good news was that I was now in a place with an unlimited supply of highly caffeinated average quality coffee. I limited myself to one red eye, for those out of the know that is a small coffee cup filled with espresso. Needless to say I was slightly jittery during Bible Study later.

As my dad would say, “the Storal of the Mory” is  – get a new bank

Will I? No, where is the fun in that?

– W


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