A Week in a Glance

Lets get through the preliminary stuff –

Crazy week – check

Lots of things going on – check

Life changing decisions – check

Awkward, embarrassing, moments – check

Just Plain Lunacy – Of course, otherwise this wouldn’t be being written and you wouldn’t be reading it.

Monday’s Lesson:

Parallel Parking should only be attempted by veteran drivers, not one of barely a week old who can tell her best friend how to do it, but not do it herself. I drove a block away from the field to find a stretch of pavement that had room for at least two other cars.

You will always have dressed up when you need to run a block in high winds and you won’t be wearing good shoes for it either.

Tuesday’s Lesson:

There is something about driving into the sunset with windows down, the wind blowing, and a good song playing in the background.

Black nail polish is not professional, especially when you are training your replacement.


Never call a movie that moved everyone else because of how inspiring it was “just an emotional trip with a feat of physics”.  It might annoy your best friend…


Shots are better than shopping.

A friend gets a band-aid, a good friend says to suck it up, and a best friend rips the band-aid when you can’t do it yourself.


Everybody should have a Friday once in a while. A day when you’re not quite there and everything you are doing seems to be distant and being done by someone else.


A week of the same friend would drive some crazy, but for D and I a week is just a little part that we enjoy. In a couple weeks we will be spending eleven weeks together in Indonesia.

Men like Adam Pontipee in “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” don’t exist in real life.

And that is where I am right now, tired and a little out of it.

– W


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