License to Kill…er…Drive

My dear readers, my poor victims, I would like to warn you that I am on the road. I finally have my drivers license.

Goal #1 was accomplished.

After three failed license tests, two permit tests, sixty-five dollars in fees,  hours standing in lines, and other crazy dmv debacles I, W, have finally reached the same level of social aptitude as most young adult’s my age.

I’ll admit, my poor reader, that I am ambidextrous and from a young age my mother trained me to become right handed.  But every day I struggle with distinguishing one from the other. About five years ago I was given a ring that I only wear on my left hand. It took me at least that time to pound it into my head and the last year for me to be able to apply it to my driving.

In my first test the lady instructor was rather short with me ( in more ways than one) I had a perfect test until the end when I “pulled to close to someone”. The truth being that she was to short to see that I could see the base of the tire in front of my car. That was a pain.

In the second test I had a lovely older asian gentleman , but I had never driven in the city before, so while my skills were decent, my confidence plummeted . Thus I failed or lack of confidence… I was angry at that one.

For the third test I studied …hard. A friend of the family’s took me down to the testing area where we drove for probably three hours. When I went totake the test, however, as providence would have it, we came to the one intersection with a protected left turn. I had never seen one of those before. I was looking at the green light while the arrow was red. And that didn’t go over to well with the poor instructor. I’ll admit I deserved to fail that one.

I finally succeeded on a brilliant Thursday morning after a late night and lots of caffeine. The roads were clear and everything finally came together. I cannot thank God enough for his goodwill and grace.

I am a little nervous about driving to and from work in my little car, but I am sure with a prayer and intense concentration all will be well.

– W


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